Urban Cycling Stores!

For Families, Commuters, and Athletes.

store locations / open 6 days a week / closed tuesdays / 11-7 wed-mon / 10-5 weekends

Next Event

7pm - 11pm Every 3rd Thursday (3rdsday) #freebeer flows

Complete with dj’s / disco balls / beer suds / wiggling booties

You got monthly needs. We got monthly parties. Our only requirements: your willingness to party and reduced inhibitions. Join us! Because Mr. Mojo can’t party by himself. We have a blast each time. Starts at 7pm. Different local mixologist talent come in to pleasure your ears each month. Check the marquee above the haight shop for monthly updates.

Kids need to know what wind in their hair feels like. Ride Bikes, Carry Stuff!

Is there anything more important than raising a kid right? Nope. That’s why we know how important it is to make sure your precious cargo stays safe and protected.

offering the safest brands like

yuba cargo / electric erad / currie tech+izip / surly / & more

You want mastery over the elements, or to just get there without sweating it!

We like people like you. You want to access what the entire biking world has to offer. We can give that to you in the form of merging the two oldest inventions ever: the wheel and electricity.

offering electric brands like

currie tech+izip / raleigh electric / faraday / smart motion / & more

All kinds of urban transport solutions. Ride rain or shine. Carry some stuff. Get to work without breaking a sweat.

Looking to bike to work? We’ve got an incredible selection of bikes and scooters, both traditional and electric, and accessories to get you on the right foot.

offering dopest brands like

khs / surly / Xootr / EcoReco / & more

If You Ain’t First, You’re Last.

We hear you. You need the extra mile, the extra second, the extra ounce of glory. Our team of experts are well informed on how to get you up to Lance Armstrong speed without the steroids. dirt, asphalt, gravel, sand or even snow options available!

offering fastest brands like

bh / volagi / surly / & more